Are you reinventing 21st century learning,  

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Join the Reimagine Education Challenge.

21st Century Learning  

The world is changing faster than we could imagine. The digital revolution is bringing unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities to mankind.

Reimagine Education

Esperanza has launched ‘Reimagine Education’ as our first initiative in our Reimagine It series. We have been collecting inputs from the community on what 21st century learning should mean and entail (click the diagram to enlarge).

Our key challenges are:

  • How might we build the character and skills of our next generation to help them sail through an unpredictable future?
  • How might we motivate, inspire and empower learning?
  • How might we unleash the potential of people – as individuals with different interests, strengths and learning needs – and encourage multiple learning pathways?

Challenge Scope

Esperanza is inviting new learning solutions that can help fulfil the purpose of education, the skills Hong Kong should strengthen, and address the key learning challenges. The solution can be applicable to the different stages of learning, from early childhood to tertiary education, special education, parent education, teacher training and  lifelong learning.  It can be a product, a service and other learning experience with offline and/or online applications.


We welcome applications from two categories of organisations that are registered in Hong Kong:

  • non-profits (including schools) and
  • startups (for-profits)

Social enterprises can join either categories depending on whether they are non-profits or for-profits. The solution should at least pass the Proof of Concept and Prototype stage, and is ready to pilot or scale.

Application Process

Entrants should submit applications via on or before 15 July 2019 (Hong Kong time 2359 hours). The entry can be submitted in English or Chinese.

Each entrant should submit 10 slides covering:

  • The problem/opportunity that is being addressed
  • Description of the solution
  • Unique value proposition vs other similar offerings
  • Target/size of the beneficiaries/market and go-to-market plan
  • The core team, including advisors, mentors and/or board members (if any)
  • Operating/business model
  • Key performance metrics
  • Milestones to date
  • Development plan and support required
  • Sources of funding and 3-year financial projections

Other supporting materials:

  • Basic information about the organization (name, brief description of the organization, address, contact person and details)
  • A bilingual summary of the organisation and the learning solution (Max 150 words in English and 200 words in Chinese)
  • A one-minute elevator pitch video on the summary. 
  • Business registration certificate

The semi-finalists may be required to provide financial statements and other information.

Information suggested to be included  in the summary/one-minute video

(Adapted from the One Minute Startup Pitch Template, Founder Institute)

  • The customer/user segment and the pain point
  • Solution name and product category
  • Value proposition and market size/number of beneficiaries
  • Key differentiator
  • Highlights of members
  • Business/operating model
  • Our vision and potential impact
  • Executed milestones
  • Support required

Assessment Criteria

  • The value proposition (30%): the scale of the problem/opportunity,  the desirability and effectiveness of the solution
  • The business/operating model (30%): viability and feasibility
  • The team (30%): competency, relevant experience, complementarity, market understanding, communication skill and openness to learning
  • Potential impact (10%)


  • All entrants will be invited to ‘Pitch & Learn’ on 27 July 2019. The shortlisted entrants will be announced on the day and each entrant will be invited to give a one-minute elevator pitch and answer questions from the judges and the audience. The panel of judges will select up to 10 semi-finalists for a final interview on 31 July 2019.
  • The judging panel will select up to 4 finalists.  They will undergo 3 months of mentorship and matching programme to refine and develop their projects/ventures before they make the final pitching in December 2019 at the Learning and Teaching Expo to funders, educators and other expo participants.

Benefits to the Entrants

  • Learning from and networking with peers and experts at ‘Pitch & Learn’ Day
  • Opportunity to pitch to potential funders, clients/users, partners and other people who can help take the project/venture to the next level
  • Become part of the community of people passionate about education in Hong Kong

Benefits to the Finalists

  • 3-month mentorship and matching programme to refine and develop your project/venture
  • Exposure through Esperanza’s network and marketing communications platforms
  • Free exhibition booth and pitching at the Learning and Teaching Expo (11-13 Dec 2019), an annual signature event for educators in Hong Kong
  • Support from Challenge Partners:
    • Asian Charity Services will offer the NGO finalists priority access to its capacity building programs, enabling them to be more effective, efficient and sustainable.
    • The Founder Institute will offer free access to the FI’s “Become a Startup Founder” e-course and free application of its fellowship programme (valued at USD50) for all Challenge entrants. It will offer the 2019 Fellowship Programme to a startup finalist of the Challenge, valued at USD749. Check out the programme details from
    • Microsoft will offer a Surface Go to the best performing NGO and Startup entrants.
    • Google will offer Challenge finalists priority access to digital skills workshops that can cater to their needs.

Time Line

Key dates Activities
31 May Open applications
15 July Deadline for entries
25 July "Effective Pitching" Workshop (1800 - 1930)
MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node
27 July Pitch & Learn Day
Announcement of and elevator pitches from shortlisted entries
Selection of semi-finalists
28 Aug Final interview: Selection of the finalists
03 Oct Reimagine Education Challenge Roundup
Sep - Nov Mentorship and marketing of the finalists
11-13 Dec Exhibition and presentation of finalists at Learning and Teaching Expo

“Esperanza has been a community partner of Teach For Hong Kong.

With its vast network of supporters from cross sectors,

Teach For Hong Kong has been able to make meaningful relationships

with new supporters that further our movement.”

Arnold Chan, Founder and CEO, Teacher For Hong Kong

Click here to learn about the entrants.

Challenge Winners

Startup Track

Best Performing Team

Tecky Academy

NGO / Social Enterprise Track

Best Performing Team

Design For Hong Kong

Startup Track

First Runner-Up


NGO / Social Enterprise Track

First Runner-Up



Alison Chan

Managing Director

New Frontier

Lobson Chan



Vince Chan

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Creta Ventures

Jennifer Chen

Strategic Advisor

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation Limited

Alan Cheung


HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum

Amy Cho


Schroders HK

Alan Chow


The D. H. Chen Foundation

Dr Augustine Chow


Harmony Asset Management Ltd

King Chow



Chu Ka Tim

Vice President


Christopher Fisher

Managing Partner

Click Ventures

Cecilia Ho


Lee Hysan Foundation

Perkins Ho

Head, Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

Office of Research & Knowledge Transfer Services, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Esther Ho



Francis Hon

Director of Hong Kong Initiatives

Rustandy Centre for Social Innovation, Chicago Booth

Ahim Kho

Head of Business Development

Amazon Web Services

Leo Ku


Founder Institute HK

Marvin Lai

Managing Partner

iTM Ventures

Lam Wai Yee

Board Member

Asian Charity Services

Vincent Law

Founder & Managing Director

Spark Ventures

Cyberport Investors Network

Dick Leung



Doris Leuy

Executive Director

Youth Square

Tak Lo


Grace Lo

Managing Director

KEF Audio Group

Theodore Ma



Tytus Michalski

Managing Partner

Fresco Capital

Francis Ngai

Founder and CEO

Social Ventures Hong Kong

Gloria Shum

HK & South China Director


Donny Siu

Head, Entrepreneurship Centre


Samson Tam


Group Sense

Grace Tang

Investment Manager

Gobi Partners

Mingles Tsoi



Ada Wong



Albert Wong



Albert Wong (AITLE)

Albert Wong



Frank Wong

President, Asia


Leona Wong

Author and PR Specialist for Startups

Winnie Ying

Head of Charities

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Vincent Yip

CEO, Cultural Enterprise Businesses

K11 Concepts Ltd

Yan Yan Yip


WYNG Foundation

Demetrius Yuen

Director of Programs

SOW Asia

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Terms and Conditions

All entrants should read carefully these Terms and Conditions prior to entering the Reimagine Education Challenge (Challenge):

  1.   Each entrant has to comply with the following:
  •   The entrant fulfills the entry requirements of the Challenge;
  •   All personal data provided for the purpose of entering into the Challenge are true and accurate;
  •   The entrant may be required to provide documentary proof of the information provided in the entry;
  •   The entrant is the owner of the intellectual property rights in the entry, and does not infringe any intellectual property rights of any person or entity;
  •   The entrants may be required to take part in the Organiser’s promotional activities;
  •   The information provided in the summary of the entry will be made open.
  1.   The Organiser has the sole discretion and final decision in:
  •   determining whether any entries should be disqualified;
  •   deciding on the exact number of short-listed entrants, semi-finalists and finalists
  1. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for delayed, late or misdirected entries during the online submission process.
  2. The Organiser shall have the right to cancel the Challenge, including the Pitch & Learn Day or change the programme criteria, mechanism and prizes in circumstances as deemed necessary without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on
  3. The entries will be assessed and selected in accordance with the complete and unfettered discretion of Esperanza, its partners and judges.. The Organiser provides no warranty as to the qualifications or expertise of its partners and judges.
  4. The information submitted by the participants will only be reviewed by the organizer, partners and appointed judges in the assessment process. The organizer will not publish or publize any information about the entrants without the prior consent of the participants.
  5. The Organizer will not be responsible for protecting the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any entrant, and the responsibility will be borne by the entrant.
  6. The redemption of the services provided by the Challenge partners will be governed by the terms and conditions of use stipulated by the partners.
  7. In the event of any dispute regarding the Challenge, the decision of the Organiser shall be final.
  8. The Challenge  and the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
  9. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version of the Challenge information on this website, the English version shall prevail.