What We Do

Esperanza is a collaborative platform for everyone. Working with businesses, non-profits, universities, philanthropists, public and quasi-public organisations, we seek to:

      • Inspire the community to see possibilities with new and global perspectives
      • Invite solutions locally and globally to anticipate and tackle challenges in education & learning, health & wellbeing and the future of work, etc.
      • Work with progressive organisations to build the capacity of Hong Kong to innovate for good
      • Build communities of kindred spirits to create meaningful and sustainable change from the ground up through cross border, cross sector, multi-disciplinary and inter-generational collaborations

Reimagine Education

Many aspects of our current education are modelled on principles of mass production in the 19th century. This system was built with efficiency as the key consideration and on the idea that all children are the same.

Our society is fast changing. Schools are unable to produce the talents we need in the 21st century. The fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing exponential changes to the way we live, learn and work. To thrive in a digital world, it has become ever more important for our education to nurture skills that cannot be easily replicated and replaced by technology.

Many babies born today are expected to live for at least 100 years. The education we received in our teens is unlikely to see us through our career, especially as new technologies and jobs emerge. If we can live up to 100 years old, people are likely to try different careers, take breaks and re-train themselves from time to time. Life long learning will be a much more important concept than education.

We need to rethink:

• What is the meaning of education?
• What kind of skills do we need for 21st economy and society?
• How might we motivate, inspire and empower learning?
• How might we unleash the potential of people – as individuals with different interests, strengths and learning needs?