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2024 Activities

March 2024

Are you ready for the AI revolution? 13.03.2024

We had another convivial gathering with memebers of the Esperanza community yesterday. Our key takeaways are:

1. AI is not as complicated as we think but it is changing fundamentally everything, especially education or more precisely learning.

2. It is imperative to understand what AI can and cannot do, and how mankind can collaborate with AI by understanding the virtue and strengths of humanity.

3. We do not have the luxury to wait and see. But we need some guidelines to ensure we can use AI effectively, ethically and responsibly, especially for educators.

February 2024

Wealth for Good with Learning Innovators, 21 Feb 2024

Esperanza was delighted to co-organise a sequel to the “Doing Good and Doing Well with EdTech” last November together with HKU’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre. Check out the event synopsis here:

2023 Activities

December 2023

Christmas Drinks, 12 Dec 2023

We had a convivial evening with the EdTech startup community this week. Companies shared their takeaways from the EdTechmonth events and learnt from Chris Geary of BSD Academy on how startups can scale their businesses globally through different partnership models.

November 2023

EdTech Heroes Award (Enterprise)

Congrats to Bessie Chong and the L&D team of Esquel Group for winning the Grand Award of the Enterprise Track of the 2023 EdTech Heroes Award! The company has created a simple and mobile-compatible digital platform based on Moodle to support lifelong learning among frontline operators with limited digital literacy and limited access to desktop devices. Watch this video and the case study to learn how the L&D team engaged different stakeholders and incentivise learning through this EdTech initiative.

Read the case study.

EdTech Heroes Award (Higher Education)

Congrats to the PolyU HiVE team for winning the Grand Award of the Higher Education Track of the 2023 EdTech Heroes Award! The HiVE (Hybrid Immersive Virtual Environment) is the world’s first large-scale X-Reality hybrid classroom. It creates an immersive environment to help students visualise abstract concepts, practice critical hands-on skills like fire outbreaks, medical procedures and aircraft maintenance. Check out the video to experience the HiVE and learn more from the case.

Read the case study.

EdTech Heroes Award (K12)

Congrats to The Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School for winning the Grand Award of the K12 track of the 2023 EdTech Heroes Award! Watch this video and read the case study to learn how they introduced project-based learning in partnership with Ocean Park to nurture the 21st-century skills of their students in the metaverse.

Read the case study.

Learning Science Workshop, 2 Nov 2023

How do we know if EdTech works? Solution outcomes can often appear to be abstract or subjective, so schools are hesitant to purchase, and investors are hesitant to invest. What can an EdTech startup do to prove that their solution delivers on the promises it makes? At the EdTech Month Learning Science Workshop, Professor Rose Luckin and her team of EDUCATE Ventures Research experts shared an approach for gathering evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of an EdTech solution.

Read the summit synopsis.

Doing Good and Doing Well with EdTech, 1 Nov 2023

Esperanza hosted an inaugural workshop to explore the world of EdTech funding with a group of family offices, foundations and institutional investors. “EdTech companies give ‘doing good’ a new meaning. Collectively they are helping us to fix a dysfunctional education system and making workforce development and lifelong learning affordable and readily accessible,” said John C Tsang, Founder of Esperanza.

Read the summit synopsis.

October 2023

EdTech Month Workshop Series - Have fun with EdTech, 14 Oct 2023

Esperanza organised an EdTech for Fun family day on 14 Oct. Check out this video and article on how parents can raise their children to thrive in a digital world.

Read the article.

Esperanza X HKMA Enterprise Education Summit, 13 Oct 2023

Almost every company has now to consider themselves a technology company in the digital
age. There is a desperate need to reskill and upskill the workforce to keep up with the
rapidly advancing technology for businesses to be competitive. Esperanza brought together
experts to discuss the role of technology to personalize and optimize skills training for

Read the summit synopsis.

Esperanza x Minerva Higher Education Summit, 13 Oct 2023

The rapid advances of AI have called for fundamental changes to the learning objectives,
curricula and pedagogy on all levels of education. The role of higher education institutes has
come to the forefront with growing demand for a competency and skills based education.

Read the summit synopsis.

Esperanza and ISTE Asia Education Summit: EdTech for Good, 12 Oct 2023

Just as we think learning can resume normalcy post pandemic, the rapid inroads of ChatGPT into our everyday lives has brought the role of technology in education to the forefront again. Building on the theme of student agency at last year’s Asia Education Summit, ISTE and Esperanza organised a half-day hybrid Summit on 12 Oct delving into the role of AI in making teaching and learning more personalised and effective.

Read the summit synopsis.

September 2023

Mid Autumn Drinks, 14 Sep 2023

Participants had a preview of the EdTech Month activities. We also selected the Hong Kong representatives of the Global EdTech Startups Awards. Congratulations to Career Hackers (HK champion), STEM Unicorn (first runner-up) and Novalearn (second runner-up)!

June 2023

Mid Summer Drinks, 20 Jun 2023

We had an enjoyable evening with old and new friends of Esperanza sharing what is trending in the learning and development space. It is exciting to see Hong Kong edtech companies incorporating AI in their solutions, and members networking with one another and exploring partnership opportunities.

April 2023

Beyond E-Learning : Role of Technology Post Pandemic, 14 Apr 2023

This hybrid seminar helps attendees learn about the global trends in EdTech applications in K12 education and adult learning, and the needs of educators and L&D professionals in Hong Kong. We also announced a new EdTech Heroes Award to celebrate early adopters of EdTech.

Read the seminar synopsis.

February 2023

CNY Gathering with Esperanza Members, 15 Feb 2023

At this gathering with Esperanza members, John underscored the need for a “reskilling revolution” in Hong Kong. “It has not been easy to impart the urgent need for workforce development to organizational leaders in Hong Kong. We need to mobilise passionate believers to build the momentum from the ground up. “

Esperanza is working closely with JobsDB and other partners on several near term and longer term initiatives to reskill and upskill Hong Kong’s workforce. We welcome your suggestions.

2022 Activities

December 2022

X'Mas Drinks with Members, 14 December 2022

Esperanza organised a gathering with members on 14 Dec. We talked about the very hot topic of talent crunch and the imperative of reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling the existing workforce. John also highlighted the need for us to be better informed of the technological, social and economic trends globallyand how we can equip ourselves for the new opportunities. Thx to LinkedIN for co-hosting the event and for Mei Mei Ng’s sharing of the talent market trends.
October 2022

Future Proof Yourself: A New World of Learning Powered Technology (14.10.2022)

Digital transformation, Covid-19, the Great Resignation, a 100-Year Life and an increasingly VUCA environment are redefining the WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW of adult education. This Summit looked into some key strategic shifts in the adult learning markets:

  • increasing demand for real world learning and reskilling of the workforce
  • the accelerated adoption of technology to make learning more flexible, personalised, effective and accessible
  • changing meaning and roles of higher and vocational education
  • the rise of on demand, alternative and micro credentials
  • increasing cross-sector, inter-institutional and cross-border partnerships

Read the Summit takeaways:

  1. Let’s Kick Start A Skill Building Movement
  2. Strategies to Address Talent Crunch
  3. How Might We Make EdTech Work for Us?

ISTE x Esperanza Asia Education Summit (08.10.2022)

A perennial challenge for educators is how we can motivate student learning. Research has shown that there is a high correlation between student engagement and academic outcomes. To respond to the urgent need, Esperanza is pleased to partner with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to present a half-day webinar on how the application of technology, especially blended learning, can develop student agency and empower self-directed learning.

Read the Summit synopsis here

July 2022

Happy Hour With Esperanza Members (25.07.2022)

Esperanza was delighted to have a face-to-face networking event with its members. John shared Esperanza’s two key aspirations at the gathering.

Click here for the synopsis of the event.

June 2022

EdTech Showcase (01.06.2022)

Esperanza organized a virtual EdTech Showcase to introduce the solutions of seven service providers that use technology to make language learning, STEM education and life skills development more effective. They were previous participants of the Edventures GBA Fellowship.

Click here for the synopsis of the event.

April 2022

Esperanza Members Event: Happy Hour with Metaverse (20.04.2022)

Esperanza members had a glimpse of metaverse and exchanges with our guest speakers at an exclusive community event on 20 April.

Click here for the synopsis of the event.

March 2022

Catalysing Innovation with EdTech (29 March 2022)

Esperanza conducted a study on whether and how we can develop Hong Kong as a learning innovation and technology hub in the Greater Bay Area.  This webinar shared the major recommendations of the study. Audience also learnt about the work of the Jacobs Foundation, EduCapital and Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in sporting the development of EdTech. 

Click here for the synopsis of the event.

January 2022

Code for Fun (22 Jan)

With technology becoming an integral part of our life, coding is now an indispensable tool and a world language. To promote the importance of coding education, Esperanza organized “Code for Fun” on 22 Jan 2022 together with its coding school partner R-Kids.

Click here for the synopsis of the event.

ISTE Blended Learning Professional Development Programme: Projects Sharing, 14-15 Jan 2022

After 6 months of the ISTE programme learning, 18 schools shared their blended learning projects experiences on 14 and 15 Jan.  

Educators are keen to apply  blended learning to motivate learning, enhance student agency, enable more personalized and inclusive learning, and to develop  21st century skills.

Click here for the synopsis of the sharing session.

2021 Activities

November 2021

The Edventures GBA Summit (3 Nov 2021)

The 2021 Edventures GBA Summit (3 Nov) gathered experts to share key trends in EdTech hotbeds and:

  • How technology can improve learning outcome and democratise quality education
  • The case for public and philanthropic capital to be involved in funding EdTech startups
  • How we might foster cross-sector and cross-border partnerships, including the potential role of Hong Kong

Check out the synopsis of the expert panels:

Investor Panel with Bill Ning of Blue Elephant Capital, Vinit Sukhija of Learn Capital, James Tieng of Lumos Capital and Yat Siu of Outblaze

Ecosystem Panel with Olli Vallo of Education Alliance Finland, Mia-Stiina Heikkala of Helsinki Education Hub, Avi Warshavsky of MindCET and Jennifer Cheng of NewChic Capital

Open Forum on Developing Hong Kong as Education Innovation and Technology Hub with Peter Yan of Cyberport and Ada Wong of Ednovators

September 2021

Blended Learning: Experience Sharing Webinar, 24 September, 2021

Esperanza held this experience sharing event which enabled educators to learn from experts and their peers the dos and don’ts of blended learning. Participants have also learnt hands-on how students could collaborate online with peers from around the world to learn and tackle global issues. Click here for the synopsis of the event.

August 2021

Promoting Student Wellbeing - Community Meet-Up With Esperanza Directors

Hong Kong students are arguably one of the most stressful groups in the world. The pandemic has exacerbated the problem and taken a toll on the well-being of students. Before the resumption of schools in September, Mr John C Tsang led a panel discussion with 3 other Esperanza directors and members of the Esperanza community on 30 August to share their experience and thoughts on how to improve students wellbeing. Click here for the synopsis of the event.

Launch of Go Digital: Future Proof Your Organisation (12 Aug 2021)

The pandemic has accelerated the need for organisations to transform themselves digitally. Esperanza is pleased to launch the Go Digital programme with JobsDB on 12 Aug 2021. This pilot programme seeks to match organizations in need of digital transformation with training partners in the Esperanza and SEEK network, and connect them with funding support from the Government’s Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP). Click here for the synopsis of the launch event.

May 2021

An evening with education innovation champions (24 May)

“There are some important skills that cannot be developed through our current education system, from digital literacy to essential 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills,’’ said John Tsang at a gathering on 24 May with over 40 school leaders.
John and our guest speakers talked about the essential skills for the 21st century, how to mainstream STEM education and two international learning opportunities to equip teachers and students in the digital age i.e. ISTE blended learning programme and CoderZ League. Check out what they said from this video.

April 2021

Get Started with Blended Learning, 24 April 2021

“Professional development of teachers should be of utmost priority in any blended learning development strategy”. This was the key message resonating with speakers at the “Get Started with Blended Learning” webinar on 24 April. The 220 educators attending the webinar were eager to learn how schools could learn from the remote learning experience during the pandemic and migrate to blended learning when schools resume face-to-face teaching.

Check out our webinar synopsis highlighting key insights from the session.

January 2021

Webinar on “Do Good and Do Well with Edtech Ventures”, 28.01. 2021

Esperanza organized together with Cyberport a webinar on “Do Good and Do Well with Edtech Ventures”, attracting 300 participants from diverse background. The webinar looked into:

    1. The STEM learning solutions of the award winners of the Edventures GBA Fellowship and partnership opportunities 
    2. The importance of integrating science of learning in edtech solutions 
    3. The unique nature of edtech ventures and considerations for startups and investors
    4. The measurement of impact  
    5. Why and how family offices and foundations should support edtech ventures with a continuum of capital tools
    6. Partnership opportunities with edtech ventures from the perspectives family office, investor and career professionals
    7. The work plans of Esperanza and Cyberport to catalyse education innovation in Hong Kong

Click the keywords above to find the panel synopses and recordings.

2019 - 2020 Activities

November 2020

Esperanza Members Meet-Up, 30 November 2020

In the last two years Esperanza has been working with a myriad of partners in and outside of Hong Kong to reimagine how we should teach and learn in the 21st century. It organised the Reimagine Education Challenge last year, and more recently the Edventures Global Business Acceleration Fellowship to identify promising innovators in the ed-tech space.

In addition to supporting education innovators, Esperanza has also initiated discussions on the future of early childhood education, blended learning for K to 12 students, as well as higher and continuing education.

Click here to check out the meet-up synopses.

Edventures GBA Summit (3-4 November 2020)

COVID-19 has triggered in a matter of weeks a revolution in how we teach and learn. Edtech experts from the US, the Mainland and Hong Kong shared at the Edventures GBA Summit on 3-4 Nov:

  1. what it takes to be a successful edtech startup
  2. what edtech investors should get prepared for
  3. the growth opportunities in China
  4. the role of HK to foster cross-border partnerships

Check out the expert insights from the panel synopses.

October 2020

Webinar on WHAT, WHY and HOW of Edtech Investment, 14 October 2020

In a new era of market-based approaches to address social problems, impact investors could play a vitally important role in addressing the global education crisis through supporting sustainable, business-based solutions and by learning how to work collaboratively with a range of other investors, locally and cross-border. It is also high time for foundations to consider setting aside additional resources to support edtech ventures besides traditional charities or non-profit organisations.

Check out our webinar synopsis highlighting key insights from the session.

September 2020

Webinar on Reimagine Higher and Continuing Education, 24 Sep 2020

At the Reimagine Higher and Continuing Education webinar on 24 Sep, Prof Christopher Dede of Harvard Graduate School of Education introduced his 60th Year Curriculum Initiative.

Check out the webinar synopsis and recordings to learn more about the sharing from Chris and other speakers.

August 2020

Edventures GBA Fellowship - Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

We hosted a webinar on edtech opportunities in the Greater Bay Area – aka the Silicon Valley of Asia. John Tsang, Founder of Esperanza. The pandemic has sparked the world’s largest remote learning experiment and underscored the importance of international partnerships. “We believe that we can learn from and collaborate with one another in developing effective solutions with global significance,” said John C Tsang, Founder of Esperanza.

Check out our webinar synopsis highlighting key insights from the session.


“How might we turn Hong Kong into a learning society?”

Esperanza kicked off the “Reimagine Higher and Continuing Education’ discussion with an online co-creation workshop with members of the Esperanza community on 27 July. Check out this synopsis to find out the barriers to lifelong learning identified by the participants and what different stakeholders could do to turn Hong Kong into a learning society.

The inputs of the co-creation workshop will inform the design and discussions of a webinar on Reimagine Higher and Continuing Education to be organised by Esperanza together with a few other local and international education institutes at the end of September 2020. Share your ideas with us too!

May 2020

Embracing the New Normal in Learning

“Successful implementation of blended learning requires effective collaborations among the interconnected group of players outside the classroom, from policy-makers, educators, businesses, technology solution providers, funders to parents.’ said John Tsang at a webinar on 22 May.

Esperanza co-organised with HKEdCity and English School Foundation a webinar on “Embracing the New Normal in Learning”. Local and international educators shared their experiences in leveraging education technology to equip the future-ready generations, and to make learning and teaching more effective, fun and meaningful.

Here is the synopsis of the webinar.  Check out the webinar synopsis, videos and slides:

March 2020

Insights from School Suspension: Review and Way Forward for Online Learning

To empower teachers to implement effective online teaching as well as get prepared for the future of blended learning, Esperanza and HKEdCity jointly organised a webinar on 30 March. Community champions of online learning and educators from local and international schools shared their experiences in designing lesson plans and conducting virtual learning, and introduced the support available to teachers.

Here is the synopsis of the webinar.  You can also watch it on:

January 2020

Early Childhood Education Family Day

Esperanza kicked off our 2020 Reimagine Education programme with discussions on the future of early childhood education in Hong Kong earlier this month. Experts see the need for convergence of the local and international systems, with emphasis on developing children’s learning motivation, their social and emotional skills through supportive and yet not over-protective parenting. The single most important message is perhaps “we can all co-create changes – parents, teachers, children and the society at large.”

Click here to learn more.

December 2019

Reimagine Education Together!

Esperanza is pleased to present the 4 winners of the Reimagine Education Challenge at the Learning & Teaching Expo 2019. John also shared his thoughts on why we need new ways of learning, delivering and acquiring knowledge, as we head into a world of intelligent machines. “We have to rethink the role of teachers, how the curriculum, the assessment and the school should be redesigned; and how public monies should be allocated to enable people to learn continuously throughout their entire life span.” he said.

October 2019

John Tsang presented the awards to the 4 winning teams of the Reimagine Education Challenge. John and Charleston Sin, Executive Director of MIT HK Innovation Node talked about the trends in innovation education. Esperanza also kicked off the “Reimagine Education” community building activities with 4 group discussions at the Roundup.

August 2019

Launch of Go Digital: Future Proof Your Organisation (12 Aug 2021)

The Reimagine Education Challenge, organized by Esperanza,

was concluded on 28 August 2019 with the selection of the top four:

Best Performing Teams: Tecky Academy (startup) and Design for Hong Kong (social enterprise)

First Runner-Ups: MagiCube (startup) and Boundless (NGO)

Watch the video and learn more.

May 2019

At the Cross-Sector Forum on 11 May, Mr John C Tsang unveiled the agenda of the Reimagine Education initiative based on views collected from a survey in the last few months. Quoting the words of Paulo Freie, a Brazilian educator, Mr Tsang said “education should help individuals and society to move towards new possibilities of a fuller and richer life”. Read more for a synopsis of the forum.

April 2019

Questionnaire – Reimagine Education

“Why do we have to go to school if knowledge is just a click away? WHAT skills should our next generations learn to prepare themselves for the future?”

Share your views by completing this short survey by 15 April 2019.

Esperanza is gathering community inputs to these two fundamental questions to guide our work under the “Reimagining Education” initiative.

At our first community meet-up on 31 Jan, participants rated “attaining a good life”, “developing one’s potential” and “imparting
values” as the top three purposes of education. They also indicated that Hong Kong has to step up efforts in developing some of the essential skills.

We are continuing the process of crowdsourcing inputs to the WHY and WHAT of education in the 21stcentury. We look forward to hearing from you.

Teach For Hong Kong

Esperanza supports the Teach For Hong Kong movement.  TFHK is a growing movement of young leaders that drive systemic change in education with cross-sector collaboration. Through their one-year Fellowship Program, TFHK recruits and empowers the most promising and passionate young leaders to serve in underprivileged schools as full-time teachers. The Fellowship Program 2019-20 is now open for application. For more information, please visit here.

Esperanza Meet-up - What is the meaning of Education?

We had Esperanza’s first community meet-up on 31 January and it ended successfully. The discussion was fruitful and good. It might not be possible to reach a consensus but it was necessary to have different voices as we strive to come up with new solutions.

For more details, please click HERE.

Stakeholders Engagement Salons

Esperanza has been sharing thoughts and plans with different stakeholder groups and listening to their opinions since Sep 2018.

Teach For Hong Kong Education Symposium 2018

Esperanza was a Community Partner of the Teach For Hong King Education Symposium 2018, which was held on 13 Oct 2018